Britain’s oldest man credits long life to German wine and curry

Britain’s oldest man, who celebrated his 109th birthday last month, credits his long life to German wine, curry and sausages.

Centenarian Bob Weighton credits his long life to German wine, curry, sausages and boiled eggs. Picture credit:

Born on 29 March 1908, Bob Weighton is still a fit and active, and credits his long and healthy life to adventurous eating and moderate wine consumption.

In an interview with The Telegraph, which featured in the newspaper yesterday, Weighton, who lived in Taiwan in the 1930s, dined on sushi and dumplings long before they became fashionable in the UK.

He also said that he enjoys sausages, curry and, when it comes to drink, he told the publication, “I like a refreshing glass of German wine.”

He also said that he eats a boiled egg every day – a foodstuff that others have suggested could be the secret to a long life.

Indeed, Emma Morano, who, until her death on 15 April aged 117 was the world’s oldest person, said her unusually long life was partly due to her diet, which comprised three eggs every day, two of which were eaten raw.

Like Weighton, Morano also admitted to enjoying wine in moderation.

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  1. Charles says:

    Low alcohol, fruity wines such as German are well known as a good match for spicy food including curry so this all makes sense.Not sure in themselves they are the secret elixir for a very long life though!

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