Top 10 new products: December 2016

Hawkshead Brewery canned IPA and NZPA

hawkshead-brewery-iti-ipa-in-canTapping into demand for canned craft brews, New Zealand’s Hawkshead Brewery has launched its first two such beers – a 7% American-style IPA and a 3.5% New Zealand pale ale. The higher-strength IPA is brewed with a blend of American and New Zealand hops.

The second beer, named Iti, is described as a 3.5% session version of the brewery’s premium-strength New Zealand Pale Ale (NZPA.), with ‘Iti; being the Maori word for ‘little’. Brewed by Matt Clarke, Hawkshead’s head brewer, both beers have been chill-conditioned and canned unfiltered and unpasteurised.

RRPs: ITI £2.10/IPA £2.70


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