Top 10 most expensive cocktails

9. Sidecar – The Ritz in Paris

worlds most famous cocktail

Price: $1,670

This is without a doubt the most classic of all the cocktails on the list. Worthy of the glamour of a modern-day Gatsby, hidden away at the famous Bar Hemingway you will find the Ritz’ famous take on a Sidecar. Made of 1865 Ritz Fine Champagne Cognac, Cointreau, and a dash of lemon juice, it’s not for the faint-hearted or the frugal. Originally created in 1923 by chief barman Frank Meier, it survived both the pestilence of 1870 and its attempted theft by German soldiers during WWII.

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  1. Malik says:

    You are missing a cocktail in Milan in Nottingham Forest bar. Starting from 3500 euros based in the gem you choose

    Standard is 1/2 carattere diamond

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