Fine wine predictions 2016: the results

Cult Cabs up, Rhône down

Justerini-Dominus-EstateDominus and Opus One have been putting on such a strong show of late that it’s surely just a matter of time before they out grow their current home in the ‘Rest of the World 50’ index.

Coupled with an increasing number of merchants adding to their Californian offerings, there is a greater array of American fine wines available to collectors and investors in the UK than ever before.

Perhaps it is too soon however to suggest that a ‘California 50’ or the like is poised to emerge. The top wines are still produced in minute quantities, concentrated in too few hands and, to many UK/European buyers at least, too unknown and rarely tasted to give them much liquidity in the secondary market.

That will change though, inevitably although there are still the warnings that as these labels are now more expensive than many Bordeaux first growths, a severe price correction may be in the offing.

So for now the Rhône 100 receives a stay of execution and indeed, judging by its performance this year, even deserves it. Two wines from the index, Paul Jaboulet’s 2005 Hermitage La Chapelle and Guigal’s 2010 Château d’Ampuis, were the third and second best-performing wines respectively on the Fine Wine 1000 index this year.

After years of poor performance the Rhône 100 has picked up its game in 2016, does a more successful year for the Rhône await?

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