Around the world in 10 Christmas drinks

In the UK it’s mulled cider and Snowball cocktails, in the US egg nog and in Germany glühwein, but less well known is Italy’s festive favourite the Bombardino, or Mexico’s Ponche Navideño.


With the festive break tantalisingly close, for most thoughts are no doubt turning toward kicking back with a drink. While wine and Champagne remain firm favourites throughout the year, and Christmas, there are many drinks that are so intrinsically linked to the festive season that it is the only time we think to drink them.

When was the last time you craved a mulled wine outside of the month of December, or a cream Sherry at 11am on a weekday at any time other than Christmas?

The fact we only drink the following once a year of course preserves their nostalgic value, signalling that Christmas is here. But this year why not step into Christmas with a Coquito instead of a mulled wine?

Here, we round up some of the drinks reserved only for the month of December (mostly) by nations throughout the world.

Click through for our round up of festive serves from around the world…

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