Top 10 London venues with wine on tap

1. Clipstone


Clipstone is the co-venture of Will Lander (also behind Wine List Confidential‘s top entry, Quality Chop House) and Daniel Morgenthau (ex of 10 Greek Street). It is the more casual, local bistro-type affair to the pair’s popular Michelin-starred venue Portland.

The ‘On-Tap’ section is something you’ll spot instantly when looking at the single-page wine list.

This boasts some of OW Loeb’s best tap offerings, eight in all, including a deliciously juicy Bernado Farina Verdejo (just £3.50 a glass), Le Grappin Macon Chardonnay, Cherubino Via Romana Bobal and Australian/Italian blend Chalmers Montevecchio Rosso.

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  1. martin Heap says:

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