Top 10 hotel cocktail bars: London

London is unquestionably home to some of the world’s best bars – many of which are housed within the walls of some its most iconic hotels.


The Fumoir at Claridges

In perpetual competition with New York for the title of the world’s cocktail capital, London boasts a mind boggling number of bars at the cutting edge of cocktail culture, with bartenders continually pushing the boundaries of creativity to come up with ever-elaborate garnishes, blends, backstories to their serves and containers in which to present them.

London is, happily, awash with new and innovative bars. However many of the capital’s classic bars, a reputation earned over decades of service, can be found within the walls of hotels that have been standing for well over a century.

If you are looking for some old-fashioned glamour with your Martini, these are the bars for you. The Savoy and Claridges are obvious examples of classic hotel bars, with The American Bar and Fumoir, respectively, iconic of London’s cocktail scene.

Others, located within hotels that opened post 2000 and are already making a name for themselves, could just become the classics of the future. Here, we roundup some of London’s best cocktail bars, which just happen to be housed within a hotel.

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