Top 12 non-Italian Nebbiolos

7. Giaconda Nebbiolo, Beechworth, Victoria

GiacondaQueensland-born winemaking veteran Rick Kinzbrunner worked at Stags Leap and Matanzas Creek in California before moving back to Australia to work at Brown Brothers. He set up boutique winery Giaconda in the 1980s, making a name for himself in particular for his Chardonnay.

Barolo has long been an interest for him, however. He has produced wine from the iconic Italian variety since 2008.

Five vintages came from Nebbiolo grown on a site he no longer owns; but, significantly, in 2011 he planted more Neb close to the Beechworth township at Red Hill. The 2015 will be the first from this site and it’s one Kinzbrunner is excited about.

The winemaker goes for the powerful, concentrated style he admires from Italy, maturing his wine in traditional large-format Italian-made botti for as long as 42 months.


3 Responses to “Top 12 non-Italian Nebbiolos”

  1. Can’t believe you missed L.A Cetto Private Reserve Nebbiolo from Baja California, Mexico. One of the first new world nebbiolos and in our view one of the best. Authentic and delicious.

  2. Leonardo Ricardez says:

    Agree with the LA Cetto comment. Additionaly it is very affordable, and has a big following in Mexico.

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