Top 10 pitfalls of collecting fine wine

Any investment comes with a certain amount of risk, but when it comes to fine wine the pitfalls can be even more obscured, making it a more-difficult-than most market to navigate.

Storage is an extremely important factor when curating a collection of fine wines. Whether you decide to build a proper wine cellar or use commercially available conditioned storage, this is generally a costly proposition. Being able to document the storage conditions of your wines can help confirm their provenance and contribute to the value of your collection. (PRNewsFoto/Revel Custom Wine Cellars)An investor and collector of fine wines for the past 30 years, Jim Cash founded the US-based Revel Custom Wine Cellars in 2009.

Using his experience as a commercial construction and real estate development executive for large buildings, Cash creates bespoke wine cellars for collectors.

He recently began work on his first book exploring the dynamics involved with art of collecting fine wine from a variety of perspectives.

Here, he shares his tips on the art of wine collecting. Whether your motivation is to diversify your investments, delight your friends or simply to have a mature beauty to decant whenever the mood strikes, consider the following words of advice before diving into the world of fine wine, warns Cash.

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2 Responses to “Top 10 pitfalls of collecting fine wine”

  1. Perry Van Hook says:

    Strangely the writer omits one serious consideration – How are you going to sell the wine? In many states it is not legal and if you have to go through an auction house you will pay a premium to sell the wines.

  2. Tom says:

    Good article, I would add that the key element of deciding what to purchase and where from can be facilitated by choosing a broker who buys direct from source for you. This solves the research, analysis and the provenance in one solution and often can obtain a favourable price for you.
    The broker can then support you in selling the wines back to market when ready for optimum prices internationally for a minor fee that will not eat up your profits.
    The storage can be obtained by setting up a private account with an approved bonded warehouse, not that expensive approx £12-£15 per case(9 Litres), per year.
    Montevino Partners have a dedicated Fine Wine professionals to achieve this for you and offer various other value added opurtunities visit them at

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