Top 10 food and beer pairings

5. Stout and tiramisu

tiramisuAn Italian favourite, tiramisu makes for a really great pairing with beer. Like the beef pairing, use the beer as an ingredient into the dessert when preparing it – it’s a dish that never fails to impress.

We use Dubbel Coffee Stout, a blend of imperial stout and Belgian dubbel styles. The liquorice and coffee aromas, along with chocolate liqueur in the beer, really build on the flavours of the dessert.

‘Beeramisu’ has been one of the best-selling desserts in our pub, The Mariners.

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  1. PP says:

    Great article.. it is time people stop looking automatically to wine and start considering beer options when having a nice meal. It is great to get some tips and guidance to help lead people to the vast and versatile world of nice beer and food.

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