Cristal announces first marketing campaign

Louis Roederer has announced it is to run its first ever consumer marketing campaign for Cristal.

master_cristal_presse_aout_2015-11It is the first time Cristal has embarked on a marketing campaign in the brand’s 140-year history.

The print campaign includes five visuals designed by Saltimbanque, a company Louis Roederer has worked with numerous times before.

Entitled, ‘La Differénce Cristal‘, one of the themes of the campaign is, ‘nothing left to chance’, with each visual based around one aspect of the production process of Cristal.

There is a particularly strong emphasis on the brand’s biodynamic principles, including the effect of the waxing and waning moon and the even the happiness of the cows whose dung is used to fertilise the vineyards.

The complete range of visuals can be seen over the following pages.

One Response to “Cristal announces first marketing campaign”

  1. Jonathan Cahill says:

    Wonderful. How refreshing to see a wine company that actually has some understanding of marketing.

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