Top 9 alcoholic sweet treats


32_img_3col_enlargedpouchJust when you think every popular snack has been rehashed and re-imagined through alcoholic goggles, along comes Joe & Sephs.

The artisan popcorn makers are known for their wacky flavour creations, which include strawberry cheesecake, peanut butter and gingerbread. However the company now boasts a range of alcoholic cocktail-inspired popcorn pouches. Based on the classic cocktails of gin & tonic, mojito, margarita and cosmopolitan, Joe and Seph’s cocktail-flavoured caramel popcorn is infused with real spirits and carries an abv strength of 5%.

Using an innovative “flavour-sequencing” technique, its creators have said prospective tasters will experience different taste elements one after the other from citrus and juniper notes of the Gin, lime and garden mint for its mojito, and smooth caramel infused with lime oil and salt for its “zingy” margarita.

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