Top 9 alcoholic sweet treats



Sweet liqueurs are a staple of any cocktail cupboard, but some are more unusual than others.

Most will remember Kendall mint cake as the must-have survival ration, if you happened to do a lot of hiking. It was actually carried by Sir Edmund Hillary and his team on their ascent to the summit of Mount Everest in 1953. An energy-laden bar of minted sugar, Kendal mint cake was the original energy bar, before caffeinated energy drinks became popular. Now the old-school snack has had a makeover, used as the base of a 24% ABV liqueur.

The liqueur was devised by Mike Pennington, owner of Burgundy’s Wine Bar & Brewhouse in Kendal, Cumbria, in 1990. He has been selling it locally ever since but due to growing demand, decided to set up a company to distribute the peppermint flavoured booze worldwide, under the Kendal Mint Cake Liqueur name. The liqueur has a distinctive green colour and contains mint, cacao and “secret ingredients”.

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