Top 9 alcoholic sweet treats

Lollies and lollipops


The latest kid on the alcoholic lollypop block is LIC lollies, which launched its adults-only 10% ABV Pina Colada and Mojito ice lollies last summer. Founded by childhood pals Harry Stimpson and Noah Geeves, each lolly is the equivalent to a glass of wine. Inspiration struck thanks to Harry’s mother, who once found herself craving a frozen Pina Colada while sunbathing on a beach in Miami. Their formula, developed with professors at Nottingham University, allows the freezing of alcohol and its relatively high alcohol content. 

The title of “world’s first Champagne ice lolly” meanwhile goes to Bolly Lollies, having launched their somewhat pricy ice pops (£5), made up of 37% Champagne, in 2014. Each pop equates to half a unit of alcohol and has just 100 calories, despite their boozy base. Elsewhere Hampshire-based wine producer Jenkyn Place launched what is believed to be the first sorbet made with English sparkling wine in collaboration with Cream and Country Ice Cream using its brut non-vintage.

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