Vandals drain 1.2m litres of wine in South Australia

Riverland Vintners in South Australia has been drained of 1.2m litres of wine after vandals deliberately opened the taps on four tanks last week.

Riverland winery

Four tanks were drained at Riverland Vintners, leading to a loss of 1.2m litres of wine

As reported by the Adelaide Advertiser, the attack, which is being investigated by the police, occurred at the winery in Monash on Monday 28 December.

A fence had been cut at the back of the winery to gain access to the tanks. According to witnesses, pools of red wine could be seen at the entrance of the winery after the attack and a strong smell of fermented grapes hung in the air.

Local resident Rebecca Jamieson told the paper that she noticed a “large pool” of wine outside her house on Monday night. “On Tuesday morning it was right across the road. I can’t believe anyone would stoop so low, I can’t get my head around that,” she said.

Owned by the SA Wine Group, Riverland Vintners provides contract winemaking services and has the capacity to crush 25,000 tonnes of fruit a year with 30 million litres of tank storage available.

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