Fortified wine losing its Christmas cheer

More British people are planning to drink vodka and cider over Christmas than traditional favourites like Port and Sherry, a YouGov poll has revealed.

UK wine Christmas

Vodka and cider is being preferred over Port in the UK this Christmas (Photo: Wiki)

Only 3% of those surveyed plan to order fortified wine at a restaurant, and a mere 8% said they would drink it at a friend’s house.

Cider was a surprise festive favourite, being the third most popular drink to order in pubs and bars over Christmas and the fifth most favoured to drink at home.

Fortified wines like Sherry and Port are traditionally seen as festive drinks, and are usually popular over Christmas.

Yet, more people are planning to order vodka (4%) and cider (6%) in restaurants than fortified wine.

Similarly, more people were planning to have vodka (13%) or cider (11%) at a friend’s house than fortified wine.

When it comes to drinking at home, 21% of respondents gave cider as their top choice of festive drink, but only 16% replied with fortified wine.

Vodka is also expected to be a more popular gift, with 12% saying they would give it as a Christmas present compared to 10% planning to give fortified wines.

One Response to “Fortified wine losing its Christmas cheer”

  1. Luke Tegner says:

    Did those surveyed say why?
    anything to do with sugar content perhaps? or merely category led consumer trends?

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