Raising a glass: 10 women in beer

Sara Barton

Brewery-3-FabioRole: Owner and director of Brewster’s Brewery, Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK

Fast-forward several centuries and women are still playing a key role in shaping the beer industry, no longer from a domestic but professional perspective.

Sara Barton started brewing more than 20 years ago. First studying biochemistry at university, Barton become interested in the genetics and metabolism of yeast and went on to do a masters degree in brewing and distilling at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh. She worked for the old Courage brewery in Berkshire in the late 1980s as a production manager and then, following an MBA, founded her own brewery, Brewster’s, in 1997.

In 2012 Sara was named Brewer of the Year by the British Guild of Beer Writers. She cites California’s Stone IPA as her favourite beer and Decadence – a 4.4% abv golden ale – as her favourite Brewster’s beer.

Brewster’s art deco beer labels have an appropriate air of femininity about them, with beers carrying playful names such as Hop a Doodle Doo, Et Citra Et Citra and Hophead.

2 Responses to “Raising a glass: 10 women in beer”

  1. Jaco Hamilton-Attwell says:

    I think you missed an important one: Frieda Dehrmann from SAB/Inbev. She was SAB’s Consumer Science and Sensory Manager, but has since moved up the ladder to a position in SABMiller UK, but I am not sure what her new title is.

  2. “it was a German nun in the early 17th century that was the first to discover that adding hops to beer radically increased its shelf life” Even ignoring “early in the 17th century” when you mean “some time in the 12th century” this is total nonsense: there is no evidence whatsoever that Hildegarde was the first person to discover this. She was the first person known to have written about it: but that’s a very different matter. And in any case, you don’t increase the shelf life of beer merely by adding hops to it: you have to boil the hops in the wort for it to work.

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