Argentina: women in wine

Andrea Muffato

4Coming into winemaking after having four children, Mufatto juggles motherhood with her growing career as the second winemaker for Zorzal and head winemaker for the family winery Gen del Alma. “Being a winemaker and a mother of four children is complicated! But winemaking is a lifestyle for us as a family, and with Gen del Alma we get to live our dreams and make these wines,” she says.

Mufatto, like her brothers-in-law, winemakers Matias and Juan Pablo Michelini, and husband Gerardo Michelini, is a fan of a leaner, fresher style of wine with high acidity and more natural winemaking methods. Her wines focus heavily on playful co-fermentations, like, for example, “Ji Ji Ji”: a slightly madcap carbonic co-fermentation of Malbec and Pinot Noir.

Mufatto is one of the most daring female winemakers at the moment. Her plan to take the whole family, including her 18-year-old son and protégé, to Spain for a harvest this year, proves that you can juggle winemaking and family life, and have fun doing it.

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