Top tips for in flight drinking

Don’t bring your own booze

snake wine

Laws against bringing your own booze on board have long existed in the UK, with passengers only allowed to consume alcohol purchased in the airport or on board permitted. While 100ml liquids are permitted, any alcohol will be confiscated at security.

This rule was take a step further by Ryanair earlier this year when it banned passengers from taking duty-free alcohol onboard flights from the UK to Ibiza to improve the “comfort and safety” of passengers and crew.

Any alcohol purchased by passengers prior to their flight must now be stored in the hold or disposed of at the gate, the airline said in an email sent to passengers explaining the ban. The ban followed an increase in antisocial behaviour on board by Brits travelling to the Spanish party island.

While well-known to most frequent flyers, don’t expect to take any alcohol purchased outside of the airport in your hand luggage. Earlier this year two men were stopped at a Chinese airport with a bottle of snake wine. Unable to take the booze on board, the men downed a whole bottle not wanting to waste the expensive booze, which they believed to have medicinal and aphrodisiac properties. The lesson? Check in your booze.

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