Top seven Champagne fails

Cork shot through 18th-century painting

milano_provincia_milano_tela_danneggiata_spumante_fotogramma_01-640x400It’s enough to make any historian squeal in horror. Last year an Italian council officer caused €1,000 of damage to an 18th-century Italian oil painting after popping its cork straight through the canvas.

The unfortunate incident came to light a few days before Christmas when Roberto Cassago was asked to open a bottle of sparkling win at a party held at council offices in Palazzo Isimbardi, Milan. The cork left a bullet-hole straight though the valuable painting which depicts a battle scene.

According to The Telegraph, Mr Cassago had only been invited to attend the gathering moments earlier as he was passing an open door, making his faux pas all the more embarrassing. In his defence Mr Cassago, 71, said he was virtually tee-total and was not used to opening bottles of wine.

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