Top 10 Spanish restaurants in Hong Kong

Along with the influx of top Iberian wine, Hong Kong is welcoming an armada of Spanish eateries. Here, Rupert Millar lists his top 10 venues for all things paella, tapas and Tempranillo.

3Spain commands a surprisingly large share of wine imports into Hong Kong and is growing steadily year-on-year (see pages 38-41 for more details). Spanish food is equally finding a firmer footing in Hong Kong, with jamón Iberico and paella popular additions to many-a-“Western” dining experience. Spanish wines, as in the UK, stand poised to capitalise on the popularity of its cuisine and there are many excellent restaurants offering fun and exciting Spanish pours. Unfortunately, the relative lack of knowledge about Spain on the part of many local diners is evident, some very fine restaurants bulking out their lists with safer touchstones from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italy and Australia.

Click through for 10 of the best Spanish restaurants in Hong Kong..

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