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The Dissident, Deschutes, Bend, Oregon, US

deschutes-the-dissident-2012-1Going back to Paste, Graham Averill writes on this, the second Bend-er brew on our list.

He writes, “The beer has a rosy, copper kind of colour with no head whatsoever. The cherries come through in the nose, but they take a back seat when you take a sip. That’s when the red wine takes over, with heavy notes of Pinot and a pleasant acidity.

“The beer does have a salty vinegar note (it’s a hell of a lot appealing than it sounds), and a layer of fruity tartness. As it warms, there’s even a grainy sweetness that comes through, mellowing the whole thing out and giving me one more reason to absolutely love this beer.

It’s my favourite sour right now, which makes sense, because Dissident pretty much sets the standard for Oud Bruins from America. Grab a bottle and see if you can wait until the middle of the year to crack it open.”

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