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Delicious IPA, Stone Brewing Co, Escondido, California, US

stone-delicious-ipaJohn Verive, in one of America’s biggest titles the LA Times, is full of praise for the latest release from this doyenne of the craft brewing world.

He writes, “Delicious IPA features popular new hop varieties (Lemondrop, El Dorado) that showcase vibrant citrus flavours, and the new in-between-seasons beer is also notable for what the brewers have removed from the brew: much of the gluten.

“An enzymatic process developed by White Labs (producers of myriad yeast strains used by craft brewers) breaks down the gluten proteins, and the results is a nearly gluten-free beer that avoids the pitfalls (like the off-putting mouthfeel) often seen in gluten-free brews.

“But the reduced gluten levels are not the defining feature of Delicious IPA. Living up to the name, the IPA demonstrates a terrific volume of complex hop flavors.

With a curiously light yet still tongue-coating body, each sip explodes with flavour – lemon zest, lemon grass, Lemon Pledge – before the bitter bite cascades across the palate, where it lingers stubbornly but never becomes acrid.”

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