‘Barrel ageing’ oak wine bottle to launch

An oak bottle which promises to replicate the effects of ageing wine in barrels at home has been launched on crowdfunding website Kickstarter. 

4f785942b7cf4610e4925fb7871ddabf_large The Pinocchio Barrique Bottle, made from European oak, has been designed to house any beverage with an abv of at least 12%, such as wine, whisky, grappa or brandy, promising to age it to enhance its flavour. Its makers claim 10 days in the Pinnochio Barrique Bottle will offer the benefits of six months in an oak barrel.

Introducing the project, its makers said: “Pinocchio BB makes accessible to everyone the practices of maturation, fermentation, preservation, ageing, flavouring of any alcoholic beverage. This is due to the smaller size, lighter weight, lower cost of production, compared to a barrel.”

To activate the bottle, a user must first fill it with warm water for 12 hours to “inflate every pore and achieve the transpiration impermeability status”, before filling it with your chosen alcoholic beverage and leaving it to mature for three to 15 days, or longer.

Should its Kickstarter campaign go to plan, Pinocchio Barrique Bottle could go into production as early as April.

The concept is similar to another Kickstarter project to launch a wooden stick that it was claimed could age whisky by up to three years in just 24 hours.

11 Responses to “‘Barrel ageing’ oak wine bottle to launch”

  1. Steve Burch says:

    This is a horrible idea. You can’t expect the wine buying public to understand the maintenance and variability of barrel aging. This will fail miserably.

  2. whiskey maniac says:

    did u ever try? everyday something new changes what was traditional before!
    I love it

  3. I am the owner of oakbottle.com and I have the rights to patent pending design authority for this bottle. Please cease and desist any mention of an oak bottle as this bottle infringes on our patent pending

  4. Kate S says:

    Lol, I bought my Oak Bottle made a year ago, your product olready exist on the market. Lol.

  5. Martin Axel says:

    I believe this is an interesting idea. Id like to learn more!

  6. Exactly Kate. And thanks for buying the REAL worlds first oak bottle at http://www.oakbottle.com

  7. Jordan Simmons says:

    I check both of them….Italians do it better…no way!

  8. vigneron says:

    Seems to me like you’d only want to do this with wines that have undesirable flavors and mouthfeel. This isn’t somehow going to give you aged character in a few days either. It might increase oxidation and therefore you might end up polymerizing some of the phenols and oxidizing some aromas. You could just buy better wine and not mess with it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  9. Ian says:

    Joel Paglione, …got there first ! ..& so if his price is competative compared to glass, l would be happy to sign up some big contracts on commission in France Spain & Portugal ! 00447 999 76 4444

  10. Ian says:

    I can just imagine people buying up last years bottles of the likes of “Pera Manca”, from the vinyard of the former King of Portugal….If the principle works to the satisfaction of the top wine tasters a €50 bottle today could taste as good as one from previous years which now retail at £200+ (that’s if you can find any) Evety Portuguese Embassy saround the World would become potential customers.

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