Top 10 Chilean winemakers to watch

9. Julio Bastias


Julio Bastias is one of the biggest biodynamics disciples in Chile. He started at Matetic in 2002 and worked under the late consultant Alan York until he was appointed head winemaker two years ago. His wines in coastal Casablanca and San Antonio have garnered numerous awards, as well as forging the way for cool climate coastal red varieties including Syrah and Pinot Noir.

“The truth is that we have made these wines with just viticulture work,” he says. “We use minimal intervention in the winemaking… We think that the quality of fruit is so spectacular by itself that we don’t need to change much. For us, biodynamics is the best way to reach a true connection between the wines and the origin of the grapes.”

While biodynamics remains a fringe practice in Chile, winemakers like Bastias are bringing biodynamic wines into the mainstream and promulgating the concept in Chile that high quality viticulture is not the chemistry most were taught at school.

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