Top 10 Chilean winemakers to watch

10. Juan Alejandro Jofré


Ten years ago when Colchagua was becoming famous for its high alcohol, rich and concentrated reds, Juan Alejandro Jofré was beavering away at a very different style of wines in Viña Maquis — so different in fact that most blind tastings failed to pin it as Colchagua. During that decade he changed around the viticulture of the vineyards according to his terroir hero, French consultant Xavier Choné, to be able to make lean wines with high acidity and low alcohol, picking up to a month earlier than his neighbours. Jofré’s wines bucked the trend back then, and gained him critical acclaim as journalists and drinkers began to tire of overripe reds. While at first he was ridiculed by his neighbours, he soon became recognised as one of Chile’s most promising young winemakers. When he began to feel limited by not being able to push his style more, Jofré left Maquis in 2013 to start working on his own projects.

“I wanted to make these cool climate wines from Curicó because it is the heart of Chile, but a very mistreated region… It has a bad reputation but I think it can be extraordinary for making wine”, he maintains. With plantations on terraces and a new family vineyard in coastal Curicó just 200m from the sea, Jofré’s own wines will come to light at the end of 2014. The first to be released is a Carignan, Tempranillo and Carmenere blend with just 11% alcohol, and a Grenache rosé with an “extreme” acidity. “When I make wines I want them to be wines that have a character of the place, but something that you can really perceive”, he says. “You can like or not like my wine but I have it clear that at least you won’t be able to try it anywhere else.”

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