Top 10 drinks myths

Eating before bed will reduce the chances of a hangover

eating-in-bedAs comforting as a late-night snack can be after an evening’s drinking, that pizza or those cold leftovers will do very little to sober you up or reduce the severity of those hangover pains.

By the time that pizza hits the stomach, the vast majority of the alcohol consumed that night has already been absorbed into the body. And the craving for greasy food won’t help the liver metabolize the alcohol any faster.

In fact, the combination of alcohol and greasy food can actually contribute to acid reflux, meaning one might feel even worse in the morning.

If you want food to help slow down alcohol absorption, consume a snack or a meal before you start drinkingas this can help to pace the body’s intake of alcohol and process it more smoothly (i.e without the deathly feelings the next morning).

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