World’s weirdest alcoholic drinks

Three penis liquor


China’s Three Penis liquor

Perhaps taking the prize for the most bizarre drink on this list is “Tezhi Sanbian Jiu,” which roughly translates to “Three-Penis Liquor”.

It is made by brewing seal penis, deer penis and Cantonese dog penis to produce a Chinese rice wine which is also a traditional medicine believed to impart male potency and virility to the drinker.

Bottles of Tezhi Sanbian Jiu can apparently be found in supermarkets across Shanghai.

3 Responses to “World’s weirdest alcoholic drinks”

  1. ooakototwo says:

    you forgot about Korea’s Human Poop infused Soju. Seriously.

  2. Dawn Stewart aka @ladydawnie says:

    Oddly enough I would try this one. I love Turkish Delight and my favourite tipple is prosecco, I think that would work. Oh and I bet it looks very feminine *not sexest* 😆

  3. Andreas Olsson says:

    The company in Sweden whom makes the Sav™Sparkling is
    They also export.

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