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Grown in Amalfi, distilled in England and sold in Soho, this month brings the launch of Sohocello, the fruit of a collaboration between the ever-innovative lot at Herefordshire-based Chase Distillery and Soho newcomers Pizza Pilgrims. With just 1,000 bottles going on sale, the idea for Sohocello was first conceived by Pizza Pilgrims’ founders Thom and James Elliot during a trip to Italy in their Piaggio Porter van.
Driving in the hills above the town of Amalfi, the pair struck upon lemons with perfumed skins grown by an 82- year-old Amalfi native, Luigi Aceto, that had benefitted
from a unique combination of constant sun, a cooling mediterranean breeze and rich volcanic soil. Hand-peeled and macerated in small batches in Chase’s 96% Hereford potato spirit for a week, every drop of lemon oil is extracted, giving Sohocello its cloudiness. They hope the 29% abv drink evokes “the authentic taste of sunny days by the sea.”

RRP: £25/50cl.
CONTACT: Chase Distillery +44 (0)1531 670 049

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  1. I am so excited that the Santo Brut made it to the DB Top 10 new products list! Such a great wine – here are some of my thoughts

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