Top 10 most powerful drinks brands

4. Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel's is the fifth most popular spirit

The main contender to challenge the top three is now Jack Daniel’s jumping two places this year. Of JD Intangible Business joint MD Stuart Whitwell said: “Its strength is unbelievable and now it’s growing in China and the Far East too. Expect that to continue, with growth in price and volumes. One day, it’s going to be a challenger to Bacardi.” Success in the Far East hasn’t come easily, but is the result of a long-term effort that began in the 1990s. “The cachet of Cognac and Scotch really diminished the opportunity for other brown spirits,” says Whitwell, adding that a new interest in American whiskey has boosted the category’s fortunes.”

Sub category: US whiskey

Owner: Brown-Forman

Country: US

Total score: 42.6%

Change: 7%

Brand score: 78% 

Change: 9%

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