Top 10 American gangsters and their drinks

8: Frank Costello

Nicknamed the “Prime Minister”, Italian-American gangster Frank Costello rose to the top of the New York’s organised crime underworld. Controlling a gambling empire across the US, he became one of the most influential mob bosses in American history. Born in Calabria, Costello immigrated to New York’s Harlem district in 1895.

Partnering up with Charles “Lucky” Luciano, during Prohibition, Costello and Luciano got into bootlegging with considerable success, doing business with Bronx beer baron Dutch Schultz. In 1927, Costello and Luciano organised a group of top East Coast rum-runners into a large bootlegging operation known as the “Big Seven Group” in order to pool their Canadian and European liquor sources, maximise profits, minimise overheads and gain an advantage over their competition.

4 Responses to “Top 10 American gangsters and their drinks”

  1. Terry Collmann says:

    Bonnie and Clyde has a “grizzly” death? What, they were killed by a bear? I thought they were shot 25 times each – it was grisly …

  2. Joe says:

    Where is Ben seagulls drink it’s not even listed in his description that’s why I clicked on this link

  3. richie says:

    SAlvatore Lucania was from Sicily and not from Italy , I know , i grew up next door to his brother joe on division and scott street in chicago’s cabrini neighborhood. They all were whisky drinkers, i know i drank with them .

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