World’s richest booze billionaires

10. Rosa Anna Magno Garavoglia & family, Italy

home_img1400_v2The notoriously media shy Rosa Anna Magno Garavoglia is behind the global drinks company Gruppo Campari, responsible for the classic Negroni cocktail. Garavoglia, along with son Luca and daughter Alessandra, controls the publicly traded beverage company, the shares of which she inherited after the death of her husband, Domenico.

Its brands including Skyy vodka, Wild Turkey whisky, and the aperitif Aperol. In 2000, Maddalena Garavoglia, sister of Luca and Alessandra, sued her family for allegedly being pushed out of the company. The case was settled for $100 million in 2006.

Worth: $3.5bn

Forbes rich list: #446

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  1. Kacy Turner says:

    Wouldn’t Warren Buffet still make the list since he’s now owner of several American alcohol beverage distributors?

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