Napa’s best Cabs revealed by tasting panel

Charles Krug 2010 Red Blend Generations ($50)

SGGGENSThe ever resourceful Cesare Mondavi went from boarding house and saloon keeper to grape and fruit shipper before taking on wine production when his family purchased the Charles Krug winery for $75,000 in 1943. Red fruits meet vanilla and spices for a big sip of Napa Valley cab.










Oakville Ranch Vineyards 2010 ($82)

oakville-ranch-cabernet-sauvignon-napa-valley-usa-10141844The label on Oakville Ranch wines introduces enthusiasts to the story behind the wine. The colour of the red O is the colour of the red soils on the hillside paths. The surrounding design speaks to owner Mary Miner’s love of contemporary and modern art. Her artistic background led her to Paris where she met Bob Miner and Bob brought her into the wine industry web.

2 Responses to “Napa’s best Cabs revealed by tasting panel”

  1. Petar says:

    Great Selections of Napa Cabs!

  2. Ross Eakins says:

    Really safe list of large generally corporate type wines found on the 50 yard line, notable exceptions include D.R. Stephens. There are so many exceptional wines being made off the mainstrip that are affordable and beautifully made. I really encourage people to venture off the grid you may be surprised what you find. See Anamoly, Chase Cellars, Edge Hill.

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