Napa’s best Cabs revealed by tasting panel

Frank Family Vineyards 2010 Reserve ($85)

image_2973822_fullFollowing a midnight phone call about its sale, it took Rich Frank less than 24 hours to become owner of what was then the Kornell Champagne Cellars in Calistoga. He had been visiting the Napa Valley on weekend getaways from his Hollywood television career and would now jump into the wine business with both feet.












Keenan Winery 2010 Reserve ($104)

cabb To get to the Keenan Winery you travel a very windy, narrow road, all of which is now paved. Just ten years ago, you turned off onto a dirt road for the last part of the trip. This is a big structured wine, one to keep for a number of years and then spring it on your favourite wine buddies.

2 Responses to “Napa’s best Cabs revealed by tasting panel”

  1. Petar says:

    Great Selections of Napa Cabs!

  2. Ross Eakins says:

    Really safe list of large generally corporate type wines found on the 50 yard line, notable exceptions include D.R. Stephens. There are so many exceptional wines being made off the mainstrip that are affordable and beautifully made. I really encourage people to venture off the grid you may be surprised what you find. See Anamoly, Chase Cellars, Edge Hill.

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