Top 10 wine trends for 2014

 7. Breaking down the “Wall of Wine”

Layout 1Equally important in terms of communication will be the ways that wine is presented to the consumer on shelves, including its packaging, presentation and merchandising. “UK retailers are pioneering completely new ways of engaging and merchandising the wine category, which will have international influence in the coming years,” says Richard Cochrane, managing director of Felix Solis UK.

He gives these examples: “Tesco launched their first properly integrated approach to BWS last year and the early signs look extremely encouraging in the trial stores, while Morrisons Cellar and the in-store style led merchandising strategy is pioneering in helping to remove shopper fear and confusion.”

It’s a point that is picked up by Neil McGuigan, who also highlights a changing mindset among producers who once believed their job to be done once an order was fulfilled and the stock safely delivered to a retailer.

“In the recent past many companies have felt that their job is complete when they have made the sale to the supermarket chain and then it was the responsibility of the supermarket to sell the wine,” says McGuigan. “The supermarket is incredibly important but we must realise that the supermarket is the conduit to the consumer and we have a responsibility to help ‘pull’ the product off the shelves.”

In a world awash with wine, those producers that can reach and communicate with consumers directly will continue to enhance the sales of their wines from both shelves and the ever increasing channel of online.

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