Top 10 sommeliers in Hong Kong

4: Bhatia Dheeraj (30) — The Peninsula

Dheeraj Bhatia1As one of Hong Kong’s enduring landmarks, the Peninsula Hotel has a reputation unto itself. So it comes as no surprise that they have a young sommelier who is as passionate about wines as the hotel is about quality.

Bhatia Dheeraj has been a sommelier since the tender age of 24, when he first decided to pursue the art. Initially it was all about reading and learning about the wines, he says. Alongside this theory, however, he waxes lyrical when it comes to the more practical aspect of tasting.

“The tasting part had its own liquid poetry that attracted me,” he says. “Wine is history; wine has life to it and brings people to gather. As a professional sommelier, we are constantly learning, travelling and updating ourselves in order to serve the best.”

Part of this, he says, is taking a risk and putting some lesser-known wines on the list alongside the great vintages from old world staples. He says he has some “hidden gems” from lesser-known regions like Japan, Slovakia and England, alongside kosher wines from Israel.

He says that he is always mindful of where he is working, and says that the “judgment bar” that comes from working at the storied F&B outlets of the Pen is set fairly high, and has a “big effect” on what he does. However, he’s confident that his experience to date, along with the lessons learned from his previous mentors will stand him in good stead in this very visible role in one of the world’s most famous hotel properties.

“One needs to have enough experience to convince people drink good wine,” he says. ”I have had the privilege of working under many different Head Sommeliers and chefs, and they all have been my motivation on different occasions.”

6 Responses to “Top 10 sommeliers in Hong Kong”

  1. stefano says:

    The all management team of Domani Restaurant is proud of you John!
    Congratulation, VERY WELL DONE!

  2. Josh Rubenstein says:

    A great selection, all deserving of this recognition. Congratulations!

  3. Joey Yue says:

    One of my favorite wine sommelier and restaurant in town, congratulation John!

  4. Congratulation Dheeraj Bhatia! Hard work always pays off!

  5. David says:

    Don’t forget about Jason Patty and Paul- three Certified Sommeliers working under Nicolas Deneux at the Grand Hyatt Steakhouse! All three of them are years younger than Nicolas!

  6. Derek says:

    The perfect pair: Yvonne and Elliot!

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