Finest and rarest auction lots

9 bottles 1971 Échézeaux bottled by Henri Jayer for Alexis Lichine – Acker Merrall & Condit

1971 Echezeaux_Lot 687A copyJayer’s Richebourg and Cros Parantoux are now some of the most sought after and expensive Burgundian wines – or indeed any wines – in the world.

This particular lot is very special. Lichine was a Russian/American wine writer and entrepreneur throughout the 50s, 60s and 1970s.

He helped pioneer the promotion of varietal labelling (in the New World) and was also the owner of Château Prieuré-Lichine and Château Lascombes.

He was export manager for Haut-Brion and also managed to squeeze in tasting sessions with Jayer and his brother Lucien Jayer when visiting his properties in Burgundy (Latricieres in Chambertin and Bonnes Mares in Chambolle-Musigny).

He bought a barrel of Jayer’s Échézeaux in 1971 and Jayer bottled and labelled it himself.

The wines have been stored “impeccably”. If there’s one thing that collectors want aside from provenance it’s a story and this lot definitely has it – just be prepared to stump up HK$160,000 – HK$240,000 (US$20,000 – US$30,000) for the privilege.

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