Top 10 wines in the US press

2006 Tertre Roteboeuf

Tertre RoteboeufLyons also picked out this Mitjaville wine, writing: “A great wine, Mitjaville says, is something civilised. By this he means a wine that invites you to drink it. He rails against the modern practice of making wine that is big, massively extracted with fruit and high alcohol. For Mr. Mitjaville, a wine should have concentration of flavour but in essence it should be delicate, reflecting the subtleties of the land where it is grown.”

Lyons wrote about the wine: “This sits in the glass with a dark-crimson hue. The nose startles with sweet cheery fruit, bit there are also notes of raspberry and smoky, Asian spice. Once sipped, the wine’s concentration is offset by its creamy texture, which charms the palate.”

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