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11th April, 2013 by fabian

With sales amounting to over 4 billion cans in 160 countries, Red Bull Energy Drink is the market leader.

redbull1-1Red Bull has seen 30% growth in France and Norbert Dentressangle is helping it to develop even further.


The Red Bull story started back in 1982. While on a business trip to Thailand, Dietrich Mateschitz, then marketing manager for a major toothpaste brand, discovered the stimulant properties of a local drink aimed at truck drivers. It was called Krating Daeng, which means ‘red bull’ in Thai. Impressed with its effects on his own body, he set out to make it a worldwide success. In 1984, he brought the idea back to Austria, but not without fine-tuning the recipe, which included caffeine, taurine, glucuronolactone, vitamin B, sucrose, glucose and spring water.

In order to get the product established in Europe, the Austrian businessman used all his marketing expertise and came up with the advertising slogan: “Red Bull gives you wiiings”. “Red Bull Energy Drink was completely new to the market. It saw extremely rapid worldwide growth and can now be found in 164 countries,” says Markus Obrist, marketing director.


A springboard for sports sponsorship

Aimed at young sports enthusiasts, the drink was first distributed to cafés, restaurants and nightclubs. Extreme sports fan Dietrich Mateschitz also invests in sports sponsorship. “From Formula 1 to surfing and base jumping, about 500 athletes wear the Red Bull colours, which makes the brand appeal to a wide range of young people,” says Markus Obrist. In addition, Red Bull has cultural links and sponsors recording studios, music festivals and even break dancing competitions. The brand has also broadened its appeal, by targeting adult consumers who need an energy boost during the day – drivers, workers, sportspeople, etc.

Major growth in the French market


Red Bull arrived on the French market in 2008. Manufactured in two factories in Switzerland and Austria, it achieved 20% market growth, with sales exceeding 100 million cans in France in 2011. “In July 2010, we handed our logistics and distribution activities over to Norbert Dentressangle,” says Grégory Niziol, Operations Manager. “We chose Norbert Dentressangle to be our partner because of its outstanding performance.” Based at the multi-customer hub in Lagny-le-Sec (north of Paris), Red Bull operations include order preparation and distribution to wholesalers for the out-of-home consumption market. “Our partner is responsive, reliable and dependable,” emphasises Grégory Niziol. “In addition, it has the capacity to increase our warehousing space, which is a real strength when it comes to anticipating rapid growth in our sector. It could also support us in other European countries.”

” I was confident that a product that could improve concentration and the reflexes would break into a market, in which brands only differ in terms of colour or flavour.”

Dietrich Mateschitz

Founder of Red Bull

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  1. Amenacorp says:

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    Please advise

  2. Irmantas says:


    We are interested in this product, please contact us for further cooperation.


  3. Rosie Read says:

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  4. Amit Tiwari says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    With due respect i am Amit Tiwari from a small country called Bhutan located between two major countries India & China.
    Bhutan is a Buddhist country where 80% of population practices Buddhism. Being a under developing country, over the years we
    notice that the energy drink (Red Bull) is getting more popularity especially among the youth and adults. Among other beverages
    available in market, Red Bull is preferred mostly and its in the top list in-spite of its facts of quality,taste and individual health.
    And also being one of the leading brands in the global market since 30 years back from now. Currently we are purchasing from our
    neighboring country Bangladesh. We see a very good market potential like other global brands Coca cola,big cola etc.
    With this opportunity we believe with no doubt that there is a very good space for establishing a small manufacturing unit in Bhutan.
    This will be a good chance for RED BULL in expanding its business. Red Bull will add up one more place in its wide spread country list.
    Not only that but also it will help this small country in terms of creating employment opportunity and the labor cost is comparatively cheap
    than other countries. So it is a win win situation from both the ends.
    Not only that but also we will put our best effort to render our support from government side as well as public in terms of flooding shares
    in market. So in this way company can have one more additional manufacturing plant with less budget amounting to increase in its current net worth.
    We are 100% sure that it will operate smoothly likewise in other countries throughout the globe. We will not compromise in terms of advertising and
    we assure that there wouldn’t be any loop whole. We will always come up with new innovative ideas for advertising. As a matter of fact i don’t think we will
    require huge capital for advertisement as its already a recognizable brand in this planet and every one are already aware of it. In fact consumer in Bhutan
    will be grateful to have the full accessibility of beverage in less price than the current price in market as said earlier, we will save lots of other expenses incurred
    while shipping in between from Bangladesh to Bhutan. So in this way i believe that people will go for 1 more extra than what he/she used to consume regularly,
    resulting to increase in its annual turnover.
    We are looking forward to have your positive response.

    Thanking You,

    Amit Tiwari
    M-No: +975 7739 0298/1777 9714
    Address: Thimphu, Bhutan

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