Top 10 brands ruling social media

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Tipsy wine glassesOne thing that became noticeable in researching this was that many wine and Champagne brands are lagging behind the spirits and beers brands when it comes to social media.

Although Möet nearly made it onto the list, they were the only wine or Champagne brand that came close.

Last year Paul Mabray of winery social media index Vintank told the drinks business that the wine industry was “the last to have not succeeded online.”

Ryan Opaz of wine marketing agency Vrazon added: “You can’t survive without [social media], there’s no putting the genie back in the bottle. If you don’t embrace it, you’re back in the Stone Age.”

In July last year db reported that 47% of US wineries said that Facebook helps them to generate sales, but one of the things that has emerged from looking at the successes of other brands on social media is that the really successful brands are using social media to create awareness and engage with their audience. The strategy being that by engaging consumers you create brand awareness, which impacts their offline behaviour. This looks to be a more successful social strategy than using it to try and create online sales.

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  1. Ness says:

    Nice to see Eastern European born brands so high here 🙂

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