China: Top 10 improvements


chinese-foodWhile there are certainly exceptions, the rule is that when putting together a wine list a new restaurant will be offered a cornucopia of “gifts” that directly relate to the percentage of representation products can have on a given wine list. Seventy percent of a wine list at a major new hotel can garner millions of renminbi in upfront cash, promises of events, wine refrigerators, the list goes on.

When the focus of the importers is to win a wine list based on kickbacks, it draws attention away from what wine lists should be about: great bottles of wine that will match well with the restaurants’ cuisine. The customer is ultimately the one who comes up on the short end of that stick.

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  1. H says:

    Fine article about habits and traditions. How often do you see people drinking wine in China? is it really possible that consumption has reached 1L per capita? Or the statistics refer only to imports of wine, which no one knows whether it was sold? is wine consumption going to rise as much as press says?

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