Mythbusting the IPA on IPA Day

Myth 1:  “IPA was invented by London brewer George Hodgson in 1785.”

The truth: IPA evolved from aged October ales, and it’s likely that several brewers had the idea of adapting these ales for the Indian market independently of each other.

Rather than inventing a new beer the Hodgson family gained prominence primarily through their commercial dealings with the East India Company.


2 Responses to “Mythbusting the IPA on IPA Day”

  1. bierfesten says:

    Hey guys a one page of myths would be cool. Slideshows are like restaurant websites filled with annoying Flash effects

  2. Steve P says:

    Ah yes, but slideshows give more ad “views” 🙂 We’ll never know what was on Slide 2. How sad.

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