Top 10 wines in the British press

We round-up the top 10 wines mentioned in the press last week.

In the Mail on Sunday, Olly Smith used his column to explore the concept of the aperitif.

His wise advice is, “your palate is sensitive, and if you overstimulate it early on, you’ll rob yourself of full enjoyment of your meal.”

Smith also mentioned the new “City of Wine” planned in China’s Shandong province.

In The Daily Telegraph we found out what wine expert Victoria Moore drinks at home. “I like my first drink to be a pick-me-up: bright, possibly sparkling (this may explain why so much G&T is consumed chez Moore), ideally with good acidity (I love acidity),” she wrote.

“In an imaginary world of unlimited financial resources, this might be Champagne (Billecart-Salmon or Bollinger rosé or a tight grower champagne? Oh, yes please).”

Terry Kirby selected the best bottles to buy in The Independent on Sunday, while earlier in the week Susy Atkins in The Daily Telegraph picked out some wines perfect for a barbecue.


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