Top 10 100-point Napa Cabernets

5. Bond Vecina Proprietary Red Wine 2007

Release price: $275

Current price: $1,000

Production: 700

Owner/winemaker: Bill Harlan/Bob Levy

A pet project of Harlan Estate owner Bill Harlan, Bond is a collection of five vineyard sites dotted round the Napa Valley that have been picked out by Harlan and his winemaker Bob Levy for their excellence.

From these vineyards, the team then produce 100% Cabernet Sauvignon wines that are meant to express the terroir of what they have dubbed Napa’s “grands crus”.

The sites include:

  • Melbury north of Lake Hennessy near Rutherford, a seven-acre site comprised of clay and compressed slate.
  • The Pluribus from Spring Mountain, at an elevation of over 1,000 feet it is the most northerly site. Another seven-acre vineyard on pure volcanic tufa.
  • Vecina is an 11-acre vineyard near Oakville at a height of 200-330 feet. It has volcanic bedrock covered in alluvial wash and an eastern exposure
  • St Eden has a northern exposure and is also 11 acres. Situated near Oakville, it has iron-rich soil and volcanic bedrock.
  • The Quella vineyard is 9 acres on the eastern foothills of St Helena on an old alluvial riverbed mixed with white tufa.

Wine Advocate #192 Dec 2010

What did Parker say: “A perfect wine, the 2007 Vecina provides a prodigious display of blackberries, charcoal, black currants, burning embers and a La Mission-Haut-Brion-like hot rock/gravelly character.”

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