Top drinks apps

5. For cocktails: Mixology (free)

A free spirits app (although you can pay for the upgraded version) which manages to be comprehensive, easy to navigate and genuinely useful. The search function not only offers guidance on how to make an enormous range of cocktails, but also comes up with ideas to fit whatever ingredients you have in your drinks cabinet.

You can hunt for inspiration by category, mixer or specific brands, while the regularly refreshed top rated section, based on user ratings is useful for anyone looking to keep track of cocktail trends. As well as recipe suggestions, users can also access bartender tips, information on glassware, mixology kit and even video tutorials.

Despite being a US app, measures are available in both metric and imperial, while the directory of local retailers and bars in other locations was impressively thorough and specialist.

Download Mixology for iPhone


4 Responses to “Top drinks apps”

  1. Josh Miller says:

    If you don’t have BeachBum Berry’s Tiki+ iPhone app, you’re doing it wrong. All the best original and authentic tiki drink recipes right there on your phone–I use it all the time. Highly recommended for the Mahiki / Trailer Happiness crowd. Aloha!

  2. Niti says:

    I would like to introduce you to my iPhone app, Life with Wines, that was just released over the w/e. I came up with the idea late last year when some friends and I had a wine tasting night and couple of weeks later at the retail store, I could not remember the name of a particular one that I loved. I am sure you have had similar experiences, please try this app out… If you are reading this on your iPhone go here to download it:

    I would appreciate your review and thoughts…

  3. mark says:

    Point your smartphone at — you’ll get the mobile version of the site, finds all of the advertised beer deals near your zip. Neato!

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