Luxury Power 50

45. Shin & Yuko Kibayashi

Ages: 47 (Shin) and 50 (Yuko)

The brother and sister duo behind famous Japanese wine manga comic The Drops of God work under the pen-name Tadashi Agi. Their series, which follows the quest of Shizuku Kanzaki to uncover 12 great wines in order to inherit his late father’s wine collection, is arguably the most influential wine publication of the past 20 years.

Japanese airline All Nippon Airways recrafted its in-flight wine list to include wines from the comic, while in one edition, Right Bank Bordeaux Château Mont-Pérat 2001 is described as “like the voice of Freddie Mercury, sweet and husky”, which resulted in rocketing sales in Asia, including one importer selling 50 cases of the wine in two days.

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