Sheer Sherry poetry for Duffy

The Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy served “Laureate’s Choice” Sherries to guests at a reception marking the launch of her latest poetry collection, writes India Kirby.

The exclusive Sherries were personally chosen by Duffy and then specially bottled and labelled for the launch of “The Bees”.

A link between Sherry and Great Britain dates back to 1619 when a “butt of Sherry Sack” was given by the monarch to the Poet Laureate as payment.

The tradition ceased around 1800 but was revived for one of Duffy’s predecessors, Ted Hughes, in 1986 by the Sherry Shippers of Spain.

As the 22nd Poet Laureate and the first woman to hold the title, Duffy was invited to visit the Jerez region of Spain, where Sherry is produced.

She was requested to take possession of her barrel of Sherry by signing it, a mark of honour for distinguished visitors.

On her second visit to Jerez, Duffy wrote a poem celebrating Sherry, which is now produced on the back label of the Sherries she has selected.

Out of the many types of Sherry available, Duffy selected fino and manzanilla as her preferred choice.

A “Sherry Sack,” which contains 720 bottles will be shipped to her in each of the remaining years of her Laureature.


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