Martini moves to attract new generation

Martini is focusing its energies on the 18-25 year-old age bracket to attract a new generation of drinkers to the brand.

The Italian vermouth admitted to the drinks business that younger drinkers were not particularly knowledgeable about the brand due to its lack of heavy social media activity until recently.

Global brand director Arnaud Meysselle said: “The fact is that while young adults know of the Martini brand – they know the logo and find it iconic – because we didn’t really talk to them by not really being active in the digital arena, they don’t know much about the brand or the drink.”

Martini has recently launched its new marketing strap line “Luck is an attitude”. Part of its new campaign is a Facebook-based competition to find an actor for its new advert, in which the winning male candidate will “kiss 10 beautiful women and earn £150,000”.

“The new slogan goes back to the DNA of the brand,” explained Meysselle.

“The founders of the brand always promoted a playful lifestyle, creating your own luck and living life to the fullest.

“Martini is a light-hearted brand, very cheeky and witty without taking itself too seriously. It’s all about being playful.

“Everything we will do on a global scale is going to be about being playful and having fun. It’s going to be a high-energy drive.”

Meysselle admitted that changing marketing trends have forced the brand to reinvent itself frequently over the years.

“Over the last 50 years or so Martini has had to reinvent itself every decade in order to connect with a new generation,” he told db.

“Today’s consumer is very different from the one of the year 2000. Social media is only around five years old.

“Being a brand with such a heritage behind it, we have always had to stay true to ourselves when adopting a new marketing approach.

“Our approach is and always has been that this is not a ‘new’ Martini – this is Martini, it’s who we are and always have been.”

Meysselle said that the brand is primarily targeting its core markets in Europe – namely France Italy and Spain – to drive growth, though he added: “Belgium is also showing strong growth, as is Germany and Martini is already the leading imported brand in Russia.”

He attributed the success in Germany to the launch of the Martini Royale cocktail, which was launch in Berlin last year and forms the cornerstone of Martini’s attempts to attract new younger drinkers across the continent.

“The younger generation didn’t know the taste profile of Martini or how to drink it. This new cocktail is designed to appeal to them.

“We offer a good mix of both sweetness and bitterness, which both men and women look for in their drinks. We are not focusing on either sex – they both like out drink and our products.”

The Martini Royale with Bianco is is created using 50% Martini Bianco and 50% Martini Prosecco with a splash of lime juice and a garnish of mint, served in a large wine glass, while the Martini Royale with Rosato consists of Martini Rosato, Prosecco and orange.

Meysselle added: “The drink helps them realise that, while Martini can be used to create exciting modern drinks, it also remains a classic cocktail ingredient that has been used for generations.”

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