CHAMPAGNE FOCUS – October 2007


Overview • Supply • Exports • Trends • Co-ops • UK Retail

Everthing you need to know about Champagne: stylistic innovation, supply issues, key export markets, retail strategy, and the growing dominance of the co-ops


Champagne raises the bar yet again as higher yields provide a comfort zone for further growth. Pat Straker reports

With worldwide financial turbulence shaking confidence in consumer spending and much speculation about grape shortages, Michael Edwards asks what’s at stake in Champagne

TRENDS: Staying ahead of the game Despite being highly regulated, Champagne still offers producers a number of opportunities to stand out from the crowd with different styles. Patrick Schmitt hunts out the trendsetters

Trade talk from: Graham Nash, Terence Kenny, Chris Seale, Colin Cameron, Sally Warmington, Bill Gunn, Jonathan Stevens, Dee Blackstock, James Samson, Lynn Murray & David Hesketh

07_10_champagne_1.jpg 07_10_champagne_6.jpg 07_10_champagne_7.jpg

Champagne’s cooperatives support the grand marques but are a force to be reckoned with in their own right. Giles Fallowfield reports

As the days draw in and winter approaches, Clinton Cawood finds out what strategies the Champagne trade is devising to maximise sales of the fizzy stuff over the festive season

We asked Jean-Pierre Ellne, Jonathan Saxby, Tony Dee & Jean Marc Lallier: “What are your thoughts on the new Worthit Champagne, sold by Woolworths for a fiver?”

If you believe the hype, consumers in China, India and Russia are prepared to pay over the odds to get their hands on luxury products.

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