sparkling wine

Freixenet launches DOC Prosecco brand

Spain’s largest Cava producer Freixenet has launched a premium Prosecco in a bid to tap into the popularity for the Italian fizz.

Innovate or be left behind, brand leader warns

Wine brands need to innovate or risk being left behind as inflationary pressure bites, the managing director of Félix Solís UK has claimed.

Brits quaff a third of all Prosecco produced

The insatiable thirst for Prosecco DOC in the UK is at an all-time high, with Brits now quaffing over a third of the entire annual production of the Italian sparkler.

Copestick Murray looks to entry-level generics to mitigate frost price hike

Copestick Murray is planning to launch entry-level generic red and white ‘house’ blends in anticipation of a price hike on varietal European wines caused by the late Spring frosts.

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